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The red leaf of a Blue Quandong
The Bellinger River
The bridge under water during the flood
Flooded Gum
Bleating Tree-frog
Red-eyed Tree-frogs
River Oaks
View over the valley from the top of Water Gum Falls
White Cedar in flower
Lewin's Honeyeaters eating fallen oranges
Wompoo Fruit-dove
Rudyard the rooster
Red Cedar with budding leaves
Cascade Tree-frog
Red-bellied Blacksnake
New growth on Red Cedar
King-parrot feeding on Wild Tobacco
Pool on the Rosewood River
The Rosewood River
Red Cedars with new leaves
Red Cedar with green summer leaves
Small-leaved Strangler-fig
Flowering Silky Oak and Jacaranda
Pale-yellow Robin chicks
Flowering Pink Bloodwoods
Bleating Tree-frog